This is to say, I won’t be leaving this account behind. This will be my comfy private account where I fox around

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be a soft and fluffy foxgirl and give me food and headpats

p.s. I like chicken

Soft and fluffy foxgirl is still very stressed out.
I’ll be setting up a invite only mastodon instance today =w=

Did you know that if you headpat foxgirls your life expectancy increases by 0.05%, this is not a scientifically proven fact but this fox wants her headpats, mortal. 🦊


fear me :blobfox:

Have you considered: giving the foxgirl headpats?? 🦊

Depressing irl stuff 

At the same time, keeping up with the news to make sure that I *can* get out of here in time is not really helping with my mood :blobAboutToCry:

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Depressing irl stuff 

And like, it's not completely unlikely. Russian nationals have been flying camera drones over infrastructure points here in Scandinavia, both Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Some have been stopped at the borders, but it's pretty clear that they're trying to get a lay of the land of what infrastructure to harm if they do invade. Especially since the people who were caught had all their footage encrypted...

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Depressing irl stuff 

Granted I am below the Danish poverty line, fleeing Denmark would mean absolutely eradicating my savings. I'd be pretty screwed no matter what...

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Depressing irl stuff 

Russia's war in Ukraine on top of it waging hybrid war here in northern Europe is very terrifying...

I am ready to flee Denmark if things escalate to a point where Putin would try to invade Denmark, since it's an important infrastructure point for Europe now.

On top of that my diet as of the past few months has mostly been chicken and potatoes due to the war causing food availability to go to heck and prices to skyrocket orz

Fuck Putin and fuck the Russian government

I don't think I'll be creating an account for Inochi2D on the fediverse since afaik, even for open source "brand" accounts are not really liked here.

Not to mention it wouldn't really help me in terms of getting new users and such, with how federation works =w=

Foxgirl now has a new and more powerful handle -- which matches my birdsite handle so that people can easier find me =w=


Small server part of the infrastructure. Registration is closed.