Radical organizing seems pretty hyper-concentrated in cities, so I was wondering if anyone on here has experience organizing in rural areas? What unique challenges are there to it and how do you approach it?


i have tried, its harder to build networks, having events works somewhat but you become a target easily. its very different action forms and tactics because everyone knows you and many types of action are built around the assumption of anonymity in cities.

@juno @GreenandBlack

True. Masking up isn't all that much use if you're likely to run into people who have known your walk, build and voice their whole life.

That works both ways. Fascists and cops can't hide either and everyone knows where they live.

In the rural antifascist work I have seen, that resulted in a kind of cold war where fascists and antifascists could both show up on each other's doorstep but no one did because if anyone did they would be next.

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