antisemitism on the left, again, again, again 

Fucking antisemitic fediverse leftists defending a stan of the russian invasion with a history of slapping the star of david on pigs at his concerts and ducking behind an extremely shallow political critique to defend his repeated nasty usage of antisemitic imagerely since the 70s in Pink Floyd. Fuck Roger Waters, he's always been like this, and is using y'all as his shield to defend his bullshit because you're all incredibly fucking naïve and won't look into his extensive history making shitty characterizations of Jewish people as evil bankers and pigs. He doesn't give a fuck about Palestine except as cover for his repeatedly shitty art. Fuck you🖕🖕🖕

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antisemitism on the left, again, again, again 



Hadn't heard of him before so I flicked through his Wikipedia page


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