IMO, pressure on to push CW usage closer to the "NSFW" mainstream cultural standard is not necessarily a bad thing. I acknowledge this is probably a classic straight white guy take but i think CW is weird! I honestly have a hard time believing that the CW feature / culture is as good at preventing harm as its hard-core adherents claim.

The question of what should be CW'd, what images should be fogged until click, etc, its subjective, culturally relative, and I feel like the current status quo might be a that has made black folks feel uncomfortable / unwelcome here.

Some of this is based on reading @shengokai takes on Mastodon and it's affordances, some of it from other posts I've seen around, I am curious what other ppl around me think.

@forestjohnson @shengokai the discourse of CWs between people who are minorities and want CWs to avoid trauma and new users who are also minorities but feel like they are being asked to shut up or quiet down when someone tells them to use the feature has gone on for ages. I known people who have left fedi because of too much violent arrest footage going uncw'd AND people who are still on here and still get mad when asked to use it. What I've noticed over time is that generally the users who want CWs to avoid trauma get shouted down and just leave fedi. The "show more" button is right there, there's no censorship going on, but I bet it sure feels like it to new minority users being asked to CW "politics" by Hans Stuttgart


@forestjohnson @shengokai
unrelated side note:
politics is such a useless cw, it is too unspecific to really be useful. At least with "uspol" I can spare the people not in the US from having to read about our inane bullshit.

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