live dissection of a policy wonk 

"when I'm in charge..."

"when" - no, we can't get started now. process is important, and we'll surely have our voice heard to make our change via the official channels.

"I'm" - no, not us, nor the people whose everyday jobs will be impacted, what are you? some kind of communist?

"in charge" - we need rulers to get things done, and being a ruler in and of itself can never possibly introduce issues towards implementing the policy fairly and without violence


learn to see the signs of when someone you love and hold dear to you may be becoming a policy wonk!

Three signs:

- Stalling via official political proxies
(elections, committees, review boards)
- Insistence on central authority
(hearing concerns and acting on them directly have them dialing 911)
- Fantastical dreams of absolute lawmaking authority subject to no renogotiations
("here's why we have to do it my way")

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