Apple is not your privacy friend it is a megacorporation

@thufie I'd say it's still generally a better choice than windows or android devices if something by a megacorp is necessary, like in the case of my grandparents who had a hard enough time with a mac and iphones, which have probably the best UX for them

But the real issue is the techbros who keep touting apple as this weird privacy oasis, which it very much is not, and subsequently those who hear those techbros and get a false belief of privacy about apple


@SigmaOne false beliefs about security spread by marketing firms are going to be putting people in danger more and more...

@thufie Those too, which are probably why those mentioned techbros are misinformed in the first place

One of the biggest issues in getting people on to more privacy friendly platforms imo is that for the average user from what I've seen the UX is just terrible in open source and more privacy friendly software

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