if you use white skin tone emojis in front of me instead of just the default I *will* judge you

@thufie Is it OK if I choose skin tone emoji by pseudorandom drawing?

rant / emoji race bullshit opinionry based entirely on my feelings 

@n8chz yeah so I usually use 👮🏻‍♂️ when talking about klan members but just use the normal 😀 emojis for everything else

thank goodness you can't make a white smiley, that would instantly become a white supremacy thing. 🏂 anyways enjoy this snowboarder emoji that you can sometimes input with different skin tone even though most platforms don't even show skin because it is A FUCKING SNOWBOARDER EMOJI IN FULL SNOWBOARDING GEAR.

I can understand using a darker skin tone because you don't feel seen as a person of color or something, but the fact that *specifically white people* didn't feel *seen* enough with the classic emojis because they ate too yellow or something weirds me the fuck out tbh. We got by just fine without them for a good period of time and it would never have entered my mind that the yellow smiley face was insufficient or even was meant to be*my face* rather than the classic yellow smiley face popular since the vietnam war which has seen countless variations.


rant / emoji race bullshit opinionry based entirely on my feelings 

@n8chz leaving the "ate" typo because it is funny to me

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