html buttons exist, no script tag required, you can use them, you are allowed, your js can use them too

please do not reinvent buttons

@thufie yeah but what if we reinvented buttons anyway? it's gonna be revolutionary

@thufie are you thinking of a particular example there? I just use html and css for my buttons, hopefully that counts as not re-inventing

@vera as was intended :P

I don't have anything particular in mind besides encouraging people to use *actual standards* when they are available so webpages remain accessible to *everyone* instead of just being a obfuscated javascript black box that "works on my machine" (google chrome/safari).

I like CSS when applied contextually and semantically (on semantic html tags) instead of just adding a bunch of div tags programatically for your selectors, because it doesn't make the the actual html content less parseable to browsers and screen readers unless the scaling of the content is wonky on certain screen sizes

@thufie yeah people may be using accessibility tools that don't think your button.js is clickable.

@thufie shout out to angular devs making tables, buttons, literally everything out of divs

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