stolen from a really good youtube comment, racism, uspol 

This is a little known fact: There was once a push to teach lessons to black kids In schools using AAVE. It was one school's proposal that if they met the students halfway, they could reduce the educational gap between black kids and kids who already spoke standard English(mostly white kids) by flattening the learning curve. But around that time in 1996, the government and white communities were threatened by the idea so much that they fiercely fought against it, saying that it was an emergency level threat to health and safety. They twisted the proposal thinking that what we wanted was to teach AAVE to white kids but that wasn't the case at all. All we wanted was to teach our kids in the way that they would understand, and teach them the difference between AAVE and how they're expected to write in schools. So as part of that, we asked that AAVE be recognized as a language and validated. Unfortunately In the end They had the proposal dismissed within a year and it was never brought up again. Leaving black kids behind the curve and trying to bridge the gap between the way they spoke and what schools expected of them on their own. Its really a game of catch up when they first start off. You guys should really watch this short video on this subject called "What America got Wrong about Ebonics". Its simple, interesting, and explains how white america failed black children. Here's a link:

stolen from a really good youtube comment, racism, uspol 

@thufie thank you for sharing that comment and that video.

stolen from a really good youtube comment, racism, uspol 

@thufie it's funny that in a country that has no Official Language, only an unquestioned default, a country full of monolinguals, not even variations of English are acceptable. (Unless it's, say, British English... )

it was quite remarkable to me always how hard a time americans were having understanding accents or unfamiliar dialects - or any other attempts to communicate. almost as hard as the french.

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