I wish people would stop thinking about a kind of binary between self-hosting something and using a big, monopolozed social network service. Because of the expenses of digital landlording (hosting services, bandwidth, etc) self-hosting in the sense that one person supplies all the resources and funds for starting up some autonomous service is something that can really only happen in first world countries.

However, attempting to portray that as the only way to obtain digital autonomy for undepriveleged minority communities is itself reflecting your privilege, coming from a place where the only people who engage in digital autonomy are often loners who have enough spare cash to just handle hosting costs etc. Collective autonomy makes the process much more scaleable by pooling more resources together to provide these services in digital collectives. Especially when mutual aid is involved.

The only places where this kind of stuff really doesn't apply is in places where internet access is heavily government controlled like in China or Cuba, or internet access is not available at all.

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