trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

Does anyone have any good resources on transfeminine diy hrtthat they are willing to share?

i'm especially interested in resources for amab enbies who want general feminization without breast development (e.g. via raloxifene), or those who just want to prevent further masculinization until they can go on hrt, and resources related to how to get your hands on the meds&stuff needed for it (in germany). oh, and just resources about the general stuff (how to find the right dosages, blood tests etc) are also great

(also i guess i could google much of it, but googeling anything trans related is very emotionally taxing to me due to some of the search results it yields and adhd and stuff, so i could really use some starting points)

links or any other form of replies ok, including via DM if you don't feel like sharing resources in the open, oh and boosts are much appreciated i guess

trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

@thufie thanks a ton, those are realy helpfull.

is it ok if i boost your reply, so others can benefit from it as well?


trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

@phseiff sure :)

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