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I've been trying the new synthetic CBD products. Delta8THC is nice, same with delta10THC, but Delta8 THC-0 is much more intense and honestly kind of headache-inducing for me. Much similair to regular weed than the others though, imo. Might be worth trying if it doesn't give you headaches.

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Tried the delta8-THC-0 vape again this morning, this time it is much nicer, no headache, but damn I'm really hungry now

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Here's the text on the packaging. Sorry the pictures are sideways, but I have provided full captions. Keep in mind that delta 9 THC is the active ingredient in smoked cannabis and the specific substance that is banned in the so-called US state of Texas. I'm not sure if I agree with the packaging's statement that it is like a delta 9 THC high, but I haven't smoked regular weed in a while so I think I'll only give my opinion on that comparison later.

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