Can anyone good with mapmaking help with this?

I have this description of what the territory of the Korean People’s Association in Manchuria (KPAM) ultimately came to control before being wiped out by imperial Japan and the soviets:

"It came to enclose a triangular area bounded by the Amur on the east, the Sungchangho River to the west and the \ Harbin-Hunchun highway to the south. It comprised 35,000 square kilometers—three times the size of the area \ controlled by the Makhnovtchina in the south of Ukraine from 1918 to 1921."

Does anyone know an easy way to map that territory and overlay it onto a modern map showing geography and placenames?

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for the record I've checked, there is no historical map I can find online of what the Korean People's Association in Manchuria actually held, and I think that is a valuable missing piece of anarchist history. It controlled more territory than any other autonomous project ever to my knowledge.

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@thufie my go-to would be art software that has layers (krita is free) for the overlay part, and then select and fill the area on a separate layer at some lower opacity, but how well that looks depends a bit on the map you got available

@petros Thanks, I quickly referenced that for this:

(temporary link, I'll reply with my hosted version a little later)

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