I'm adding some anarchist "civs" to freeciv and I'll probably release it as a mod if I add more. Anybody have suggestions for what I should add. Ideally with a link to an svg of their flag and a page with some info on them such as city names or what territory they controlled (if documentation is scarce and no wikipedia page on it exists), but if you don't have the time feel free to just reply.


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@schratze starting here since the flag is simplest lol

@thufie it would be cool to have anarchy as a real government type, with collectivism and mutualism! with no authority, corruption would be none and happiness would be increased ;D
#anarchy #freeciv

@transanarca Yeah I'm not that good of a modder yet, and since Anarchy is already hardcoded as a transitional government, I think I'll just modify how communism works in a special ruleset and just for special anarchist civs. I was thinking something along those lines but losing some production and requiring some more maintenance of some kind on war units due to no conscription.

That would be after I add some civs tho.

@transanarca *checks what I pulled from git* uhh

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