mastodon accessibility etiquette - images with text 

On mastodon, you can provide descriptions of images to keep your posts accessible. They show up on mouse-hover and in a few other situations like having the image open, but what is key for you to know is, having text means people with sight issues can use a screen reader or boost the font size which they can't do to an image.

if you screenshot text to post it, please copy and paste it from its source to fill the image description while you are still there. Or if it is already accessible at the source, provide a link and note that in the image description if you really can't be bothered (but that's still kinda rude making people switch sites for accessibility). The web ui has a button for getting text from a screenshot with OCR too, so you can run that and then edit the output for mistakes which means even less work in the case where you just got a reshared image of text.

also just fill in image descriptions even if you don't. let users with vision issues have first-class access to your posts and don't exclude them when you have the power not to.

do not just tag other people and bots to do it for you unless you really can't because of issues typing.

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