You bought a next gen console instead of waiting to pirate on a device you already have just as powerful or any one of like 20 nice portable emulator devices? Are these disposable "AAA" exclusives really worth it? There's already two fucking switch emulators, ffs.

You know these things are made with conflict minerals which are processed and assembled largely by slave labor, right? At least "digital theft" doesn't do anyone physical harm.


anyways fuck capitalism

@thufie I did cave and buy a switch lite when it came out (the plan is to eventually root it), but otherwise this is the setup I have and it's great.

I have a refurbished 2DS I can play all retro games and handhelds through 3DS on

and a refurbished media PC I put together for steaming movies, music, and games through wii and PS2

@thufie Somehow pirates don't do DRM free Linux cversions ;-;

I thought we were supposed to be cheap pirates or some shite...


@MxCraven eh don't worry, you can always just pirate Windows too!

@MxCraven that's true. I get by with WINE for the most part and usually just don't bother otherwise with windows only games.

I mean, I could have a separate windows LTSC drive setup, or a virtual machine, hell maybe even ReactOS will run it if it is slightly older.

I'll probably run into something that warrants the time someday, but for about 5 years I just haven't had any reason to try.

I think its great that the solution is usually just "pirate another thing" tho lol

@thufie I mean you'd rather run the risk of going to jail, getting a hefty charge from your ISP, or needing to pay for a lawyer to defend yourself in court and spent upwards of ten to twenty thousand dollars or more? Emulation is not always viable option. Its skirting a legal line anyway but especially for consoles that are in production, are heavily DRM'd, and are owned by the copyright destroyers themselves, Sony, you're playing with fire for sure.

@thufie Some years ago, it was much cheaper to compute with PS3s with the Linux dual-booting feature; probably cause Sony would sell consoles at a lower price and games higher.
I'm not exactly sure how emulatable consoles that aren't Nintendos or handheld are, without the performance (and/or age) difference.
However, I don't doubt any other platform uses conflict materials, of which there are idiots that replace their computer parts more than yearly, who I would rather be taking the piss out of.

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