caution with the new Firefox/Fennec Android Update!

your about:config and search settings will be reset and some of your addons may not work anymore.


okay so here's what I think so far of the new Firefox/Fennec Android Update:

This is purely a regression for users right now and the release seems really premature. To the point where I think its deliberate sabotage of the project by Mozilla.

What can be changed in settings has been gutted, and combined with the settings-wipe, users will lose some settings they had before unless they know how to enable them manually in about:config

Lots of common security/privacy addons like cookie management stuff is just gone in this release. So right now, I've entirely lost the ability to delete first-party cookies when closing a tab like Cookie Auto-Delete and similar addons used to manage. Ublock Origin, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, and privacybadger all still work at least. But stuff that's less commonly protected against or known about like SmartReferer and CAD are broken (fun fact "referer" isn't a typo it was spelled incorrectly in the spec and now we have to live with red lines under it forever). There are no proxy settings that you can access without about:config. A big lose in security and privacy overall.

Now we get dark theme on all devices and the new default option to have the menubar at the bottom! And don't worry, Google is default, of course 🤢 So of course this is all for the best :)

also now there are default bookmarks folders that can't be removed and the bookmark view isn't sorted with folders on top so everything is scrambled, and I can't look at a webpage's source anymore or download the page in any way. The new tab page can now only show recent pages in the tiny icon view and if you disable the bloat then more than half of that screen is blank and useless. So much so that even though the recent pages widget takes up a third of my empty screen space it decides to make a seperate second page I have to swipe to rather than simply using the space. Its just a complete design disaster in some weird attempt as interpreting fresh looking cutting edge software with using shitty corporate design guidelines and gutting accessibility and power user features.

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