Richard Stallman is indefensible (CW: pedophila, sexism, ableism) 

He says kids can consent to sex, has supported child pornography, has expressed extremely ableist views in general, and consistently makes sexist comments and "jokes" in person.

If you are a techbro and want receipts because you doubt this:

CW: child sexual abuse and dehumanizing ableist speech

My thesis advisor attested to this as well, back when he visited my university. The extreme sexism had people walking out of his guest lecture because it was extremely uncomfortable.

You wanna support the GNU project and the GPL still? Fine whatever that's not what this is about. Just stop pretending this guy is an infallible hero when he's said some terrible shit and call people out for idolizing this shithead, because they are forcing diversity out of the free software community.

@thufie seems we got real good at blocking techbros lol, not one replyguy to be seen

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