Voting is only harm reduction for the people who are privileged enough to see one candidate treat them better than the other and at the end of the day a fine line is drawn as to whom gets those benefits of harm reduction at all which is just a manifestation of the ruling classes' interests.

A Puerto Rican and a Yemeni are not going to see much "harm reduction" and are fundamentally excluded (in the case of a U.S. election for example).

Recognize that voting as a form of harm reduction is a privilege of the colonialist victors of the imperial core. Fight for real change for the sake of the people who will never see a Democrat unwilling to bomb them, starve them, uproot their settlement, or otherwise oppress them and deprive them of their rights.

Voting will never allow the empire to step outside the confines of the massive profits of the imperialists who filter the candidates. You have to do more for the sake of those who don't have the cushion of settler-colonial status and imperial adjacency to fall back on (like being white in North America). Recognize that your privilege offers you a better opportunity than anyone outside the sphere of voting as a means of "harm reduction" and do something about it, because often they can't!

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