Currently laughing my ass off about how folks are all BLM while boosting instances that PV has said REPEATEDLY are hubs of antiblack behavior and create conflict with us for no fucking reason other than racism.

Y'all are funny, man.

Boosting Black creators we like is cool and all but there still isn't any real effort around actually dealing with underlying reason why Black folks don't feel comfortable in this space.

Yo, everyone knows where the bodies are and where campaigns against Black folks are coming from but there is a vested interest in appearing friendly while enabling anti blackness to continue behind the scenes.

Until folks get real about dealing with that, all of this boosting of Black folks is irrelevant.

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You know which ones of your friends are racists behind closed doors.

You know which one of your buddies starts shit with Black folks because the enjoy causing chaos but has all the right terms and language in their bios.

Y'all know how these people are.

Until that shit is brought to light, the fedi will maintain its reputation for being anti black no matter how many links to indie hip hop artist one posts.

Until that happens, I'm not interested.

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@Are0h you really do see this shit as a white-passing person you know. White people have trouble making conclusions about people who are racist and have shitty character because of bullshit like "well they've always been nice to me" and like NO SHIT YOU'RE FUCKING WHITE THAT'S THE POINT. And then they say nothing in private spaces when these racist shitheads slip in casual racism.

Say it with me white people: "It is not enough that I am not racist, but I have to be actively anti-racist".

@thufie Quite a few people on the fedi are straight up lying right now to save face.

It's popular to say your against racism because folks like to believe the fedi is a progressive place.

But it's not. The fact so many Black people have came and left drive home the point at how racist this space really is.

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