Showing with facts and logic that ACAB :acab: 

In classical logic, using the regular material conditional.

p = cops think their job is bad
q = cops quit

If cops think their jobs were bad they quit.
Cops have not quit

Alright lets do some logic now.

1 p > q Given (by Bootlickers)
2 ~(p and ~q) from 1
3 ~p or q DeMorgan's Law on 2
4 ~q Given
Contradiction between 3 and 4

Which given is false:
- The one we know is fact, cops have not quit.
- The liberal faith that cops are here to serve our communities. Take a guess.


Showing with facts and logic that ACAB :acab: 

I don't mean this as a joke trivializing the situation, I'm just restating what should be obvious to anyone who thinks about it for more than a second

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