Introducing, Anarchism! An honest pitch:

"Its no social panacea, but neither is coercion."

"Won't inherently solve anything, but at least its not making it worse like hierarchies do."

"Karen might still be an anti-vaxxer, but generally conspiracy theorists are gonna have a harder time finding imaginary sources of collusion to blame things on."

"Teachers show your kids how to solve problems and cultivate a community instead of just following orders. May still wanna check on what they're getting taught, though."

"Still gotta do organized work to some extent, but at least your bosses actually have to contribute for once. And everyone can agree to try to work less, or make work easier and more enjoyable."

"Take a nap, you're not on the clock."

"You don't have to justify your continued existence to anyone."

"No ads. Just bulletins. Might still pester you sometimes, but at least its not products in your face."

"Still gonna have to deal with the climate crisis and change a few habits, but at least extremely stubborn and manipulative corporations and governments aren't what need to be malleable to change course."

"No police" (this has no downside)


@a_breakin_glass yeah, fuck work. I tried to allude to that in words most people would understand without reading Bob Black.

@thufie "Still gonna have racists, misogynists, transphobes, ableists, and other bigots but with infinite sites of decision-making, a wide range of options for everything, and no fixed institutions like government, they won't have anything to take over and will be drowned out by anarchy's white noise."

@thufie (this one might be a little optimistic but i think it's generally correct imo)

@Cyclideon fascists would probably turn into a less centralized problem generally which I think is a good thing. If they gathered they would have no police protection and no central target.

@thufie I love anarchism but until we each individually have the power to combat groups I don't see it becoming the general way of doing things. Too many cowards in the world who go to jobs because actually living up to the principles is costly.

@dualhammers anarchism does not preclude organization. It only eliminates hierarchy. If you have trouble visualizing organization without hierarchy I'd point you here:

@thufie I've read Genderloos. You are incorrectly inferring the reason for my conclusion.

@thufie That's fine :) I don't feel like writing it out clearly right now since it would take a decent amount of time, but I may in the future

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