ebooks that are only released with DRM are basically telling me "if you want to read this you have to pirate it" and if that's what they want, so be it. Liberate them for everyone

You could also just, y'know, not publish with DRM on an ebook platform.

@kimdanes FBReader and the novel major mode for Emacs

Generally: FBReader on mobile and novel on desktop.

@thufie @kimdanes How does FBreader handle OPDS feeds? I store some of my books on @libreture and haven't found many apps that'll talk to it sensibly.

@thufie hm, I've run a few books through alf's tools over the years. Should really put those up.

@thufie I'm looking forward to Season 3 of The Orville but I'm annoyed it's a BitTorrent exclusive now

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