Intersectionality means acknowledging that others issues are just as valid as yours, and that rather than conflicting, they overlap. Every one might be different, but they are all forms of oppression nonetheless. Those on the intersections between several axises (s?) are extremely vulnerable, and by refusing to acknowledge this, you fuck them over and reinforce the same hierarchies used to oppress you.

So for example, when someone points out you are using ableist slurs please acknowledge that you could be complicit on one axis of oppression even though you are oppressed on another. And also keep in mind to be considerate of how someone may be differently oppressed when trying to make appropriately intersectional suggestions.

We should try to be our best on every axis and we shouldn't conflate them the way that reactionaries do in order to pit us against each other (famous example: southern united states working class racially divided to prevent effective organization).

This is how they divide us, folks, lets not divide ourselves and do the work for them. We should humble ourselves and try making amends before starting witch hunts and accusations.

@thufie Hear, hear!

Some acquaintances of mine are rooted firmly into some social groups our society deems minorities, and nonetheless they feel it necessary to trample other minorities' issues. That doesn't help. And they refuse to take a hint. Instead they get upset that their behavior got critiqued.

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