PSA if you have an android phone and there isn't LineageOS support and you still want a well-supported custom ROM without gapps I'd reccomend looking at whether GrapheneOS has builds for your device. It is closer to AOSP with a focus on low-level security features and has OTA updates just like Lineage.

(the lead dev was the old project lead of Copperhead OS before that became a shitshow when they left it).

note that at the time of me posting about GrapheneOS the only supported builds are for pixel devices (2 and 3 all variants) but I expect the number of supported devices to grow soon with the new line of pixels as well as other phones implementing similar firmware which should make porting easier.

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@thufie The dev is quite active on reddit (r/GrapheneOS), and unless something's changed pretty recently (last couple of weeks), device support isn't likely to expand much beyond Pixels unless more devs start contributing. It's both a workload issue, and also whether any potential phones have certain hardware security features that GrapheneOS requires - apparently many new phones still don't.

@Ephaemera yes but from what I've heard there is potential for some new phones to come out with the necessary hardware security features aside from pixel phones, it is just taking time for other manufacturers to catch on. Particularly as other manufacturers start to imitate the way Google ships Android 10.

That said, its just heresay. But at least for now if somebody has a pixel 3 then they can use this since Lineage OS doesn't have pixel 3 builds yet iirc.

I fully support the dev not focusing on porting. They still have to rebuild a lot of their work from CopperheadOS that was lost, unfortunately, so that takes priority for now.

@thufie Oh totally, I wasn't making a complaint, it's just something to be aware of! They're doing an amazing job, it's honestly a massive shame more devs aren't getting involved with the project. Hopefully that'll change, Micay deserves the support.

@thufie Btw, I wasn't speculating, just paraphrasing what they've posted on reddit on numerous occasions. Like I said, I've not checked the sub for a couple of weeks, so if you've heard differently recently, then that's great news! :)

@Ephaemera yeah I checked about a week or two ago since I have a pixel 3 and I was looking into installing it (I have it installed now)

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