hot take? / "testing transness" 

There probably are a variety of physiological or maybe even genetic factors which play some part in being trans. I think it is more likely that environmental factors also play a large role. Either way, why should it matter? Whether some fucking test can be devised for "transness" or not, why should you not just respect people as the gender they choose to present as and leave it at that?

The people trying to classify and test for this shit are doing the same thing that European colonialists did, creating a new classification system for dividing and conquering populations where it previously hadn't existed or cementing and reinforcing it if it did. Building the idea of race and the walls that would come with it.

Whether or not being trans is about physical factors of any kind, the people seeking to test that are only trying to divide us (separate trans people from cis people, dissolve solidarity). Whether they ultimately utilize real findings or fake it like the British in Africa doesn't matter, it isn't neutral science, it is an attack on a community.

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