Question for experienced mastodon admins:

Do you have a way of exporting a list of all the instances your instance has federated with, for analysis? Just a huge plain-text file of domain names?

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Somewhere the database has to be storing the list of known instances so that activitypub notes can be sent to the public list... Just have no clue where it could be.

@thufie I only copy paste from the web interface.

Because of the many pages, I would probably use the source view in the web browser to have a quick way to access the names

@kyzh where does it show the instances you federate with in the webui?

@thufie ahhhh you want the known instance, not the blocked one.

I'm sure someone has a trick, but beyond proding the interface with the emoji I dont know of a way.

Maybe a site like has that kind of data

@thufie the accounts table is a list of all the accounts you've federated with and I'm sure you could write a little script to extract all that from there

@thufie if you go to moderation then to accounts then to remote, it gives you a list of every account youre federated with

@FirstProgenitor yeah so far I think exporting that and doing a bunch of regex magic on it will be the best option

@FirstProgenitor oof, can't export it. For now I'm just going to do the same thing with my follows, but I was hoping for a better dataset...

@thufie @FirstProgenitor I'm very interested in something like this, and mapping the fediverse in general!

I've done a lot of data-munging/report-generating crap, Perl weirdo, happy to work in python/another language if needed.

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