Pi is technically illegal since it contains every copyrighted string ever

@thufie why the heck are strings copyrighted for
are there really some gorups of numbers that are really so banger some dude was like 'yeah ill force u to pay to use that if u use it "

@skelltan @thufie

Let's assume you write a book of 3200 characters or less.

That work is now copyright.

That work also exists in the Library of Babel ( which is basically a container of all words in all orders, which, after you push it through an interpreter of any kind, is also Pi

@skelltan @thufie also even just pi itself is basically illegal because it has all the numbers our governments use for encryption

@thufie technically, so does /dev/urandom. It's practically a trove of the worst kind of illegal content freely distributed with each copy of Linux!

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