Brands can't be progressive because they aren't people with feelings and views.

Brands are the calculated product of marketing firms using statistical data to draw the correct emotions out of you for purchasing the right products.

There is no risk that isn't calculated for a profit outcome.

They can't be "brave".

They are the uncanny robotic faces corporation-machines making a crude imitation of humanity.

It is ascribing feelings to machines.

@thufie I have faith machines will develop feelings before brands ever do.

@pillowcat corporations are already machines, they just aren't mechanical

@thufie That's assuming that they behave rationally to achieve their goal

They can't? How do you explain that apple removes the headphone port on the iphone?

@thufie I feel like the brand of a worker-owned co-op could certainly exhibit the collective values of those workers. It's capitalism (investors, owners, the need to extract as much profit as possible rather than simply survive) that fucks it up.

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