Lots of people who like Free Software are also ableist assholes who fetishize the process of development above the users who are supposedly more free, let's face it. Not everybody codes or has the time to contribute to every project composing an entire operating system, Mr. Stallman, and that doesn't mean you can blame them for it either.

I love Free Software, but the people behind it can be assholes a lot of the time.

@thufie I think it results from the expression of freedom and the desire for freedom that the users express.
The two senses are different, and both valid, but the developer needs to understand that the user approaches(most often) from a position of powerlessness. That refusing to help them means that it probably won't happen at all.

Overall, it fucking sucks.

@violet @thufie I think of Stallman as that uncle who is probably certifiably crazy and seeing him once a year at holidays is more than enough but on the other hand has been totally right about a number of predictions from decades ago πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@thufie Yep. I think it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how a society functions combined with arrogance. I mean, where is the call for us to all learn to perform surgery so we are free to fix ourselves when we break? Or that we all learn law backwards and forwards so we are empowered to represent ourselves if we are sued? Software development is a profession, not a life skill, and it's one that requires privilege to learn.

@thufie I mean, I do think basic programming should be a required part of the school curriculum, but it isn't right now and it's cruel to assume everyone has the resources to learn it.

@intherain I think the most staggering part is that there is an expectation for this from every single project, which even for an impossibly skilled programmer would be impossible considering how many projects make a complete system and how complex they are

@thufie its a merit based system. it should have something in there where they dont be jerks. Linus Torvalds admitting he was being a jerk a couple of tears ago was a start. i think things have improved since then.

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