self-hosted: aka "I paid the hosting provider myself"

@lyncia @thufie I rent 2U in a local co-location facility for a salvaged HP ProLiant. Does that count as self-hosted? ;-P

@agmlego @thufie i don't really judge what is or isn't since i'm the type to break barriers on what could be considered this or that, but I personally like to have access to the hardware itself rather than trust a vps provider.

@lyncia @thufie agreed. Hence the colo instead of a VPS.

Plus, I can just throw hardware at it and not increase my monthlies. Hard to get a VPS for what my rent is (under $100/mo), given what I have running (16 Xeon cores across two chips, 72GB DDR3 ECC, 4TB disk, 10Mbps 95th-percentile on a gigabit connection).

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