man, yeah, this fucks, this kicks ass you guys, this fucks ass

Me: "I work out so I can pick up girls!"

You: "You mean like, getting in shape so women will be more attracted to you?"

Me: "No." *Lifts two cuties up, one on each arm*

yeah i have a girlfriend. you dont know her though. she goes to a different data center :smooth:

my job on the leftist commune is that i'm the catgirl

mental health campaigns shitpost 

embarrassed enough by the earnest public interventions of people like "the duke and duchess of cambridge" that i have decided to simply stop having depression

@jess fuck yeah it is. especially a cat furry uwu

i don't want MENTAL HEALTH all i want in life is for a WOMAN TO HUG ME SO HARD I DIE

finally watching John Wick!!! what a nice dog i hope it has a long and untragic life

*austin powers voice* do i make you go nonverbal baby

I hope that my workplace doesn't catch on to the fact that I call in sick for every full moon. :awoo_pixel_dark:

life being fleeting and never certain fills me with an unbearable anxiety

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